The holistic digitalisation agency – we provide great ideas and initiative


Our expertise is within digitalization and management

We work with SystemWeaver, Qlik, Software Management and Project Management. Our most valued asset is our consultants. We are very picky with whom we choose to join our LocoTooL team. And good people are hard to come by. We look for positive people that that have a humble heart, that see failure and mistakes as learning and a temporary setback in a much larger picture, are willing to learn and put in the team effort. There is no I in LocoTooL; we help each other and we work together.

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About LocoTooL

The holistic digitalisation agency – we provide great ideas and initiative

LocoTooL is a Holistic Digitalisation Agency in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our primary goal is to help you get the most out of software. That includes everything from the set-up phase and configuring, to education, to automatic generation of desired reports and there pick the best fitting KPIs and, of course, integrate other specialised software to fullfill your needs.

As a company we strive to create a joyful workplace where the goal to help our customers drives the ambition to perform. With a focus on freedom of action we have a culture where we benefit from the will of our employees to speak out. These ingredients come together to form this small company that focus at the customer’s interests while developing ourselves to be the best at what we do.


Anna Damlin

Software Release Manager


Fun Facts


Bruno Lindberg

CEO - Founder

With a background in IT, food tech, HR and finance, Bruno is the founder of LocoTooL and WePoPoP and has a MSc. in chemical engineering and a broad experience of different functions from his time at Volvo Cars. In 2013 Bruno started his path as an entrepreneur with WePoPoP and has since then been involved in exploring many different industries; from being a locksmith to working within IT.

Fun Facts

Loves reading biographies of entrepreneurs and fantasy novels. Loves fine dining and cooking. When listening to music, Bruno prefers gangsta rap and jazz.

Helena Pettersson

Software Developer

Helena has a background in automation and mechatronics, and biomedical engineering, with a special interest in AI, neural networks and image analysis. Helena has a lot of experience dealing with different programming languages and feels most at home with a screen full of code.

Fun Facts

Loves cuddling with animals, creating art and grow plants (owning 2.04 plants per m2 of the apartment).

Mats Uddgård

System Engineer

Mats started of by studying electrical engineering with a focus on computer science, with a special interest into AI and Image Analysis. Now he is working and exploring the wonders of System Engineering and trying to get a grasp of the subject.

Fun Facts

Makes an amazing Chewbacca impression (once sang an entire snapsvia in “Wookie”).
Likes to sketch and play tabletop.

Mirjana Lindberg

Operations Manager

With a background in business, trading and management of growing enterprises, Mirjana’s
first role at LocoTooL was as a consultant within the automotive industry. Now, she is
working inhouse. As the company is small but expanding, several roles are attributed into the
job description. So, Mirjana is handling the financial bit, as well as purchasing, HR,
recruitment and everything else in between that needs taken care of. Most of all, she is doing her best to keep the consultants happy.

Fun Facts

Loves reading biographies of strong female role models, drinking coffee (addictive) every
morning and singing Edith Piaf in the shower.

Sven Hellsten

Software Developer

Sven came to LocoTools straight after Chalmers where he studied algorithms, logic, and programming. While he has most experience with backend development, Sven has expanded further into fullstack with web, iOS and Android.

Fun Facts

Sven loves cooking and running. Which is a really good combo.

“Everything is connected”
- Dirk Gently



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