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The holistic digitalisation agency – we help you succeed on your digitalisation journey


Our expertise is within digitalization and management

We work with SystemWeaver, E-Commerce and Project Management. Our most valued asset is our team. We are very picky with whom we choose to join our LocoTooL team. And good people are hard to come by. We look for positive people that that have a humble heart, that see failure and mistakes as learning and a temporary setback in a much larger picture, are willing to learn and put in the team effort. There is no I in LocoTooL; we help each other and we work together.

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About LocoTooL

The holistic digitalisation agency – we provide great ideas and initiative

LocoTooL is a Holistic Digitalisation Agency in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our primary goal is to help you get the most out of software. That includes everything from the set-up phase and configuring, to education, to automatic generation of desired reports and there pick the best fitting KPIs and, of course, integrate other specialised software to fullfill your needs.

As a company we strive to create a joyful workplace where the goal to help our customers drives the ambition to perform. With a focus on freedom of action we have a culture where we benefit from the will of our employees to speak out. These ingredients come together to form this small company that focus at the customer’s interests while developing ourselves to be the best at what we do.


Anton Bergman

Systems engineer

Bruno Lindberg

CEO - Founder

Mirjana Lindberg

Operations Manager

“Everything is connected”
- Dirk Gently

LocoTooL AB
Mellbyn Neristugan 1
671 91 Arvika

+4679 – 33 53 989

LocoTooL AB
Org nr: 559098-7698
Photos: Andreas Pegelow
Design: Marcus Södergren &  Mats Uddgård