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About us

Locotool is created and developed in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our founder and CEO, Bruno, is a kind and caring person that have entrepreneurship as one of his greatest interests. He has built LocoTool from the ground and have endeavoured to create a culture of friendship and openness. This have turned out to be one of our greatest strengths. We are evolving the company together and are aiming towards something that are great for both the company and us employees.



Bruno, Founder and CEO of LocoTool
The LocoTool team

The company culture is inspired by the student culture where almost everything focuses down to doing what we are good at in an inspiring environment. At the same time the friendship and the solidarity are both strong impressions that we carry with us from our studies. Therefore we know how important it is that the people around you make you perform at your very best at the same time as you are having a good time.