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SystemWeaver is a platform that is made for managing product developmen data. It is a modular system that you find mainly in Automotive. Because of its modularity we see that there are potential to use SystemWeaver anywhere requirements are needed to be met. Which basically means almost anywhere. The company that are developing SystemWeaver are Systemite that are based in Gothenburg.

Simply Complex

The first thing I was told when I first started learning SystemWeaver was that it is so simple that it becomes complicated. After spending some time with the system I realize more and more how true that is. The system itself build on a simple logic that everything is constructed of parts that is defined by other parts and relations to other parts. That is almost everything there are. Except that you can twerk these parts and relations so that they match your processes.

The Workflow

The basic workflow in SystemWeaver is quite easy to unerstand. Unlike many other PLM-systems it is using a more logical approach to designing. You begin at a really high abstraction level where the most general requirements are specified. That could be: “It should be a car”, “The car should be able to move”. The next step is to break down these conditions into smaller tasks that in turn can be defined by more specific requirements. This process is repeated recusively until you have defined the whole structure. To validate the created structure you simultaneously define what tests should be made and accepted before releasing the model.

Learn more about SystemWeaver

There are of course many more details to discuss about SystemWeaver. If you are interested to learn more about the software, we recommend you take a visit to their website. Here at LocoTool we provide services connected to SystemWeaver. To find out what we can help you with we recommend that you look at the pages under our “Expertise”-tab, e.g. Configuring or Education.

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